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Kalsio®+ is a natural calcium supplement.
Calcium may assist in the normal growth and maintenance of bones, teeth, nervous system and muscle function.

Advanced Bone Health

If you need assistance in:

  • Accelerating bone growth
  • Stopping bone depletion

And/or have:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone depletion
  • Broken Bones
  • Fractures
  • A lack of calcium intake
  • Require assistance with bone growth

We recommend moving from conventional calcium supplements and introduce a balanced calcium product in a natural form.

From the makers of Mobicosa®, Kalsio®+ is the most advanced calcium supplement, in the form of protein, available in the marketplace.

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Why do you need a Calcium Supplement?

kalsio+ premium calcium supplement

Calcium is one of the main minerals required by our body. There is calcium present in every one of our body’s cells. The key role of calcium is to provide nourishment for the musculoskeletal system, bone strength and development. As bones age, they deplete of calcium, making them weak and brittle.

To ensure sufficient calcium your body may need a calcium supplement that will assist with the reversal of bone depletion, and increase bone mass.

What is the Recommended Daily Intake of Calcium?
Children 1-3 years 500mg
Children 4-8 years 700mg
Children 9-11 years 1000mg
Teenagers 12-18 years 1300mg
Women 19-50 years 1000mg
Women 50+ 1300mg
Men 19-70 years 1000mg
Men 70+ 1300mg

Source: National Health and Medical Research Council. Executive Summary of Nutrient Value for Australia and New Zealand including recommended Dietary Intakes. Commonwealth Dept. of Health and Ageing, Australia, Ministry of Health New Zealand 

kalsio+ composition

Kalsio®+ Composition
  • 100% Marine Hydroxyapatite
  • Natural Marine bone
  • Readily absorbed unlike conventional calcium supplements
  • High nutritional benefits
  • Correct 2:1 Ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus
  • No additives and DOES NOT contain Yeast, Starch, Gluten, and Fillers Wheat, artificial colour or additives.
Kalsio®+ Unique features
  • Now with added vitamin D for greater absorption.
  • The first 100% Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Marine supplement produced from selected fish species offered to Australia.
  • A complete protein based calcium supplement.
  • The only type of Calcium supplement to have supportive characters such as calcium binding peptides. (FBP) Fishbone Peptides are known for their attraction to calcium salts.
  • The only type of calcium supplement presenting CO-factors proteins – FBP, collagen, phosphorous, magnesium, glycosaminogylcans and amino acids.
  • The only calcium supplements in organic and inorganic form – excellent supportive properties – a synergistic approach to support bone health.
  • The only calcium that is a natural 2:1 ratio with phosphorous.
  • Has collagen and Fishbone Peptides in the form of proteins, which have shown excellent transportation properties.
  • The bio-available results demonstrated the highest calcium transportation results over a 4 hour period.
  • The solubilised calcium results confirmed all transported through the gut wall lining.
  • The only type of calcium supplementation existing in natural form. No additives. 100% selected fine fish bone.
  • Most recent research confirmed the growth of Bone cells (Osteoblasts) and the inhibition (suppression) of Bone degradation (Osteoclasts).

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